Reflecting an expected uptick in the home lending marketplace, Loan Gallery has engaged in a comprehensive review of our brand and advertising, presenting a fresh new face to the marketplace, and to you, our valued contacts and customers.

Starting with a complete brand refresh, including the evolution of our logo, our brand positioning and a new website to come, we’ve also launched a new integrated campaign across outdoor, social, online and TV.

Being one of Australia’s most successful independent finance brokerages, operating across a wide range of first home buyers, second home buyers, and also in the knock down and rebuild marketplace. The timing of the campaign reflects promising signs that the home building and real estate marketplace will be picking up soon, as the country “opens up”. Founder and CEO Steve Matsoukas commented:

“Actually we’ve been as busy as usual during the last few months, because home construction has been one of the essential services least affected by the situation. But we can also see that as we progress out of “lockdown” there is also a great deal of pent up demand from consumers who will need our individual, personalised advice, especially first home buyers who have never applied for a home loan before. So we are boosting our brand awareness – and the fact that we are No 1 in Product Review standings, as voted by real consumers – so that people know where to find us.”

The campaign consists of a cast of animated characters with ‘Lenny’ being the main spokesperson of our brand. A number of executions will be rolled out across different mediums to showcase different messaging, depending on the platform and the target audiences.

Steve Matsoukas commented: ‘The campaign is absolutely ‘in synch’ with the cheerful, family-like vibe we create at our offices. We are delighted to see this positive campaign roll out across a number of platforms.’


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