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Who We Are

Loan Gallery Finance was established in 2012 by Steve Matsoukas. Based in Port Melbourne, our team continues to grow with over fifty members servicing clients Australia-wide. Loan Gallery’s mortgage brokers and financial advisors are supported by an executive management team.

Lending in an ever-changing market is best handled by professionals. Loan Gallery Finance is an award-winning and highly respected mortgage broker offering personalised finance solutions. Always. Our expert team has been recognised for their customer service, outstanding results and service delivery with awards including:

  • 2012 Bank West – Office of the Year
  • 2012 AFG – Best New Office
  • 2012 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2012/13 Best New Master Agent
  • 2013 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2013/14 Master Agent of the Year – Victorian Champion
  • 2013/14 Best Master Agent
  • 2014 Better Business Awards – Best New Office
  • 2014 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2015 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2016 Finance Broker Business Award – MFAA Finalist
  • 2016 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2017 Finance Broker Business Award – MFAA Finalist
  • 2017 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2018 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2019 AFG Excellence Awards – Brokerage of The Year
  • 2020 AFG Chairman’s Award – National Brokerage
  • 2020 AFG Excellence Awards – Winner
  • 2020 MPA – Top 10 Brokerages
  • 2020 Women In Finance Awards – Finalist
  • 2021 AFG Excellence Awards – Winner
  • 2022 AFG Champion Broker Group – Finalist
  • 2022 MPA Top Mortgage Employers – Winner
  • 2022 The Adviser – Top 25 Brokerage
  • 2023 AFG Champion Broker Group – Finalist
  • 2024 ProductReview Award – Home Loans

Our Mission

At Loan Gallery Finance, we strive to find the right solution to meet your unique circumstances. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We work very closely with you to meet your needs. That approach is why Loan Gallery Finance is one of Melbourne’s most trusted loan brokers.

Our Values


We are built upon a core value of integrity. We always strive to provide you with the most suitable finance solution for your situation and not what is most suitable for us.


When you need industry leading advice on the most suitable finance option for you, Loan Gallery Finance is there. We support you through every step of the journey to achieve your goals.


Transparency and clear communication are core to our day-to-day operations at Loan Gallery Finance. We will ensure that you are kept up to date with the progress of your applications throughout the entire process.

Our Team

Ahmed Hossain

Senior Mortgage Broker

Ahmed credits his passion for numbers and investment to his professional drive and ambition. Since his career commencement in 2006, Ahmed’s role in the Finance Industry has been defined by a conspicuous and sustained work ethic. A Senior Finance Broker at Loan Gallery, Ahmed is proud of his achievements to date, cross-referencing knowledge and a cooperative approach to assisting clients with other team members. His strong following of clients, past and present, testify to his ethical approach and market knowledge. 

0413 456 020


Senior Mortgage Broker

Ali is an experienced mortgage professional, hailing originally from Pakistan. Ali has a strong background in finance, including a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He began working in the field as an assistant to other finance brokers, graduating after two years to become a broker in his own right. Ali gains great satisfaction from his work. His philosophy is simply founded on doing the right thing by people at all times and he believes that success is all about sleeping well at night, knowing that you’ve done your best. “Almost nothing boosts people’s well-being, their sense of self-esteem, and of course their wealth than investing intelligently and successfully in their own family home. I consider it a great privilege to use my knowledge and skills to help them along that journey.”

0499 88 00 55

Anchit Vashisht

Mortgage Broker

Anchit is a highly valued member of the Loan Gallery team with three years of experience as a successful broker. A consummate finance professional, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Management. A family man, he was introduced to the industry via a broker friend. He was drawn in by the idea that a broker provides a personalised service, operating and advocating on their behalf. Anchit is friendly and has a strong sense of fairness. He treats everyone with respect and courtesy and has received many complimentary reviews from his clients.

0455 22 00 33

Anil Fernando

Senior Mortgage Broker

Anil’s journey to a career in mortgage broking is atypical. He has over twenty years of Human Resources, Finance and Management experience in the Aviation Industry. With his acquired skills and experience, Anil is a committed, stand-out Mortgage Broker. Anil brings levels of professionalism and a compelling skill set to the industry. His process-driven mindset and ability to build trust with his clients through open and honest communication have quickly emerged as key strengths.

0424 027 202



Mortgage Broker

Having recently joined the team at Loan Gallery, Anthony is excited to make a commitment that not only helps to secure your dream home or investment, but empowers you through education. His journey so far is marked by the acquisition of a Bachelor of Commerce and a background in tutoring and teaching, which is a testament to his passion for education. He is motivated to ensure that regardless of your background and circumstances, you can realise your goals whilst ensuring you understand each step of the process and that your needs are met.

0435 88 22 55

Craig Lowther

Mortgage Broker

Craig’s career has been in finance and banking since leaving school. After working for the CBA for several branches and positions, he has channelled that knowledge into mortgage broking. Craig has over 17 years of experience and holds a Finance and Mortgage Broking Diploma. Craig prides himself in making the home loan experience as stress-free as possible. Most of his clients are first-home buyers who value his knowledge and understanding. Craig enjoys golf, hiking, cycling, and following the Geelong Football team in his leisure time.

0404 635 372


Mortgage Broker

Darryl Cracknell

Senior Mortgage Broker

Darryl’s journey to a career in mortgage broking was unusual but compelling. His poor experience with property investment was the major catalyst, giving him a broad-based appreciation of the complexities of loan applications. Today, Darryl is a committed, stand-out Mortgage Broker, bringing a new level of professionalism and a compelling skill set to the industry. His process-driven mindset and ability to build trust with his clients through open and honest communication have quickly emerged as key strengths.

0455 66 00 22

David Ivey

Mortgage Broker

David has been a Finance Broker for fifteen years, specialising in construction home loans. He loves the beach, playing football and spending time with his young family. David is very strong-willed and passionate about most things, including his commitment to his clients. Not one to take shortcuts, David will always go that extra yard to assist his clients in getting into their own homes. Very conscious of being a role model to his children, David believes in working hard to achieve goals and succeed.

0419 313 543

About-Deepa Ghosh

Business Manager

Eduard Gorodishchev

Senior Mortgage Broker

Hailing originally from Russia, Eduard has a long history in mathematics which stands him in good stead as a broker, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. On arrival in Australia, he was involved in helping the country sort through the Y2K challenge. Still, he chose to use his keen interest in all things ‘numbers’ by becoming a finance industry professional. Specialising in helping First Home Buyers achieve their dreams of home ownership, he takes great pride in his clients’ successes. Eduard says: “Dealing primarily with first home owners means I meet a lot of people for whom finance is a bit of a mystery, not to mention managing all the official paperwork. Many lack in-depth knowledge of how to make a good financial decision, deal with banks, etc. It gives me great pleasure to see them into their new home and know that the financial assistance I am giving them will stand them in good stead for years to come.”

0432 054 024

Gagandeep Singh

Mortgage Broker

A highly successful professional, Gagan values hard work and determination above everything. With his positive attitude and unwavering problem-solving skills, Gagan takes pride in his approach to work and his commitment to clients.

0430 451 037

Abinhav Jain

Mortgage Broker

Abinhav – or “Georgy” as he is known to everyone! – is a valued member of the Loan Gallery team with four years’ experience as a successful broker after many years working at a senior level in customer service. He had always been interested in property, so he became a mortgage broker and assisted others with his knowledge and skills. Georgy is a family man who hails originally from India. He is a consummate professional with an impressive educational background, boasting a Master’s in Information System Management.

0403 419 009

Hardik Shah

Senior Mortgage Broker

Originally from Mumbai in India, and with seven years of experience in finance and relationship management, Hardik boasts a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Originally working for ANZ, he moved steadily into the home loan area before deciding his best role in life was as an independent finance broker. Hardik is passionate about his job, saying, “I always give 100% effort for my clients, finding my way through any problems, and staying positive at all times. Finance can be confusing for people, no matter how clever or well-educated they are, and I enjoy helping them understand their options clearly. As a family man, I see my job as simply helping other families to achieve their dreams.”

0430 020 774


Senior Mortgage Broker

Inderpal holds a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of experience as a broker. He has a Finance and Mortgage Broking Management Diploma and takes great pride in providing 5-star service to all his clients. Inderpal specialises in various areas, including home loans, construction loans, commercial loans, business loans, car loans, truck loans and personal loans. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Inderpal to support all your loan needs.

0403 241 611

About-Jasmine Kaur

Mortgage Broker

Jasmine is a finance professional who provides unmatched customer service with high ethical standards. She helps customers obtain the most suitable finance for their situation and needs by pairing them with the right lenders, leading them to financial freedom. Jasmine always gives 100% to her clients, “It feels great when you know that you did best for the clients and they are happy.”

0490 199 992

About-Jay Thapar

Mortgage Broker

Meet Jay, a seasoned mortgage professional who relocated from India to Australia in 2015. With four years of experience in the construction industry, Jay understands the intricacies of real estate. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, Jay simplifies the mortgage process with tailored solutions that align with your unique aspirations. Trust Jay for a seamless, professional approach to securing your mortgage, guided by his commitment to excellence and personalised service.

0499 88 11 33

John Gorton

Senior Mortgage Broker

John has worked in the Finance Industry for over 30 years, thirteen of which have been in mortgage broking. This has allowed him to develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of mortgage broking, the multitude of loan products and all the related intricacies. Leveraging his extensive experience as a Senior Finance Broker at Loan Gallery, John is a highly respected team member who prides himself on providing the best possible outcome for all his clients.

0411 988 264


Financial Planner

Jordan has been helping people make better financial decisions for over fifteen years. By helping you work out your personal and financial goals, Jordan will help you harness your finances to give yourself the best chance of achieving your objectives. A lifetime Melbournian, Jordan and his wife decided to move to Ballarat with their two young boys in 2022 – a move they absolutely love.

0431 66 44 22

Jyoti Ingalagi

Business Manager

Jyoti has always been keen on the finance marketplace. Having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, she started working as a stockbroker with her father’s help. He is a successful investor in the stock market himself. Jyoti is highly respected within Loan Gallery for being honest, hardworking and reliable, the perfect attributes for someone playing a vital role in liaising between customers, their finance broker, and lending institutions. “Everything is about making things easier for our clients, just keeping an eye on everything, and jumping in if we can see a problem arise. Attention to detail is everything.”

0435 225 408

About-Kain Hastings

Mortgage Broker

Kain originates from New Zealand but has lived in Australia since 2020. He has a large customer-focused background, always putting the client first. He has a strong drive and passion for helping people obtain their life goals through large financial decisions. His favourite part of his role is making that phone call to inform his clients that they have been approved for their finances.

0435 77 22 88

Kess Ke

Senior Mortgage Broker

With his outstanding work ethic, passion for people and finance and intimate industry knowledge, Kess has quickly established himself as one of Loan Gallery’s superstar brokers. Kess’ consistent commitment to honest, hard work, has impressed clients and colleagues alike. Away from the office, Kess enjoys nothing more than spending precious time with his wife and extended family over a barbequed meal.

0414 939 992

About-Kyle Bouskill

Mortgage Broker

Kyle holds a degree in Economics and Finance and has expanded his expertise with a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. Kyle’s passion for finance and helping others has led him to pursue a career as a mortgage broker. He is committed to providing lifelong support to his clients throughout their property-buying journey.  

0477 88 00 11

Lenny Cheng

Mortgage Broker

Specialising in the First Home Buyer space, Lenny says he meets many people who need a little guidance regarding the financial aspects of the home loan process or financing a home and land package and enjoys helping them through the entire journey, detailing what needs to be prepared and all the steps their finance journey involves. Fluent in Mandarin, Lenny is a hard-working and highly valued member of the Loan Gallery team with wide experience as a successful broker.

0450 153 336

About-Luke Burruto

Sales and BDM

With a robust background in sales, Luke initially cut his teeth in the construction industry, specialising in selling house and land packages. He worked as a consultant and eventually a sales manager across his 7-year tenure at an industry-leading volume builder. During his sales-centric career, Luke forged strong ties with Loan Gallery, working closely with them and gaining valuable insights into finance. In 2023, he decided to take the plunge, transitioning fully into Loan Gallery and embracing the intricate landscape of finance. It wasn’t just a career shift; Luke’s interest in finance had been a constant companion since his younger days. Now, at the helm of our sales team, Luke is most passionate about maximising opportunities for his team and driving success for the business.

0499 88 00 33

Manu Balehosur

Mortgage Broker

Manu has a Diploma in Financial Planning and Services and a Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management. Working mainly but not exclusively with first home buyers, Manu spends a significant amount of time independently surveying the market and ensuring his advice on new and existing mortgage products and services and current legislation is absolutely up-to-the-minute. Passionate, optimistic and confident, he enjoys mortgage broking enormously, as the reward of seeing his clients move into their new homes is a great satisfaction for him. He says, “There is nothing more meaningful that I can imagine than helping other families to realise their dream of building their brand new dream home.”

0406 305 103

Melitus Silva

Senior Mortgage Broker

A highly successful professional, Melitus Silva does not fit the mould of your average Finance Broker. With extensive knowledge of the international and local finance industry, Melitus now specialises in mortgage loans. Melitus is a cut above the rest when assisting clients with construction loans, working with them every step to ensure the process runs smoothly.

0413 245 171

Mir Sauhrid

Mortgage Broker

Mir has a Masters Degree in Professional Accounting and loves being involved in the finance side of the real estate and property industries. A well-read professional who loves travel and values openness, conscientiousness and innovation, Mir’s personal philosophy commits him to always be looking at new ways to get a better deal for his clients. “That might be a better deal financially, or it might be an arrangement that sets them up for the years ahead, that takes into account their long-term goals. Finance isn’t just about money; it’s about using money intelligently to give you security and flexibility in your life. I am always looking for new and intelligent ways for my clients to do just that.”

0469 838 992

Omar Saleem

Senior Mortgage Broker

A hugely experienced broker with over 11 years of of experience in the industry, Omar provides his clients the highest level of customer care, professional advice, and responsible lending solutions. He has taken the time to achieve the requisite professional qualifications, with a Diploma in Financial Services and a University of Melbourne MBA. He counts himself very fortunate to be doing the job he is, saying he “fell into it by accident, then discovered I loved helping people.”

0401 005 185


Mortgage Broker

Originally from India, Paramjit is a well-educated and professional finance specialist with a Master’s degree. He is known at Loan Gallery as a “quiet achiever”, combining 11 years of home loan, finance and property experience with a calm, open and approachable manner. Paramjit says, “When I am advising my clients, I don’t just want them to make a good financial decision; I want them to consider their desired lifestyle as well. We work closely with our builder and developer partners to help people choose a great home and a great place to put it. A home is more than four walls and a roof: my life is all about helping people not just to make good decisions but to make better decisions.”

0450 410 655

About-Pat Aslanidis

Mortgage Broker

Meet Pat, your dedicated mortgage broker at Loan Gallery Finance. With genuine care for clients, he specialises in guiding first-time homebuyers through their significant purchases and has done the same for those looking to expand their investment portfolio. Charismatic and personable, he makes the mortgage process enjoyable while ensuring personalised solutions for every client. Trust Pat to turn your homeownership dreams into reality with a mix of expertise and a friendly touch.

0466 88 77 33

Peter Elliott

Senior Mortgage Broker

Originally hailing from Seymour in country Victoria, Peter is an experienced mortgage professional with over 19 years of experience advising clients on the best loan to suit their life plans. He holds an advanced diploma in business, banking, and finance and a diploma in finance and mortgage broking management. Having enjoyed a successful career in banking, in 2001, Peter switched to finance broking and has never looked back. Peter loves that his career puts him in the position of being able to look after the interests of “ordinary Aussie families” of all kinds. He says, “It’s a great privilege to help people to work through their financial opportunities and a great joy to see them achieve the home of their dreams, taking into account their lifetime financial structure, too. Good decisions pay dividends, and I conscientiously apply myself with effort and integrity to achieve that for Loan Gallery customers.”

0438 341 197

Philip Mathew

Senior Mortgage Broker

Philip Mathew is a senior finance broker with over 15 years of experience. His knowledge base covers construction, investments, first-home buyers, refinances and equity releases. Previously with CBA as a lending manager and assessor, he holds a Diploma in Financial Services and has been an integral part of Loan Gallery from its inception. Having experienced the ever-changing lending marketplace, he has strong skills and abilities to deal with different situations. Philip has helped build property portfolios for many of his clients (numbering more than six hundred clients as a broker), creating long-term wealth for them. He is always considerate, carefully understanding his clients’ needs and objectives and helping them work towards their goals. He also mentors new brokers and is equally adept at helping first-home buyers and investors, and his greatest satisfaction is helping to fulfil the client’s dream of owning or investing in a great home.

0410 612 287

About-Rachael McKenzie

Business Manager

Growing up in Gippsland, Rachael is a country girl who moved to Melbourne to pursue a career. She has a passion for finance and has worked in broking for three years. Coming from a loan analyst role with a previous brokerage, Rachael enjoys the problem-solving and outside-of-the-box thinking required of a good broker. In her current position, Rachael has enjoyed training new industry brokers and working on the operations side of the business. Outside of work, Rachael is a netball enthusiast, coaching and umpiring throughout Melbourne. Rachael loves to travel and be outdoors, hiking and camping.

0413 701 862

Rianny Duncan

Team Leader - Business Manager

Rianny has a wealth of knowledge and has been heavily involved in real estate for the last six years. She describes her best traits as being determined, organised, and attentive to detail. Rianny’s definition of personal success is identifying key values that one holds and investing in them. As a loan processor/personal assistant, she prides herself in delivering premium service to clients, including having a personable approach and diligent follow-up to obtain the desired result.

0481 112 078

Santosh Nayak

Senior Mortgage Broker

Santosh is an experienced mortgage professional with over 14 years of experience. Santosh has a varied background, having achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering before switching to finance, including a stint as a mobile banker working for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Santosh has great enthusiasm for his role and charmingly describes personal success for him as “the number of happy faces I can deliver through my efforts”. He believes everyone is entitled to professional and personalised advice that considers their financial situation both now and in the future. He prides himself on offering honest and ethical advice backed by wide knowledge and a strong work ethic. He says, “Finding the right loan can save my clients money, help them to build the wealth of their family, and set themselves up for life. Good decisions mean peace of mind.”

0411 133 678

Sendy Junawan

Mortgage Broker

Originally hailing from East Java in Indonesia, Sendy is a family man with a valuable Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. A mortgage and finance broking expert, he defines success as “Doing your best. If you do your best, good things follow for you and your customers.” Sendy came to the broking profession after applying for a loan through a mortgage broker and realised that the job offered him an opportunity to use his business knowledge to help people save time and money. “I believe we should all strive only to do good in one’s life, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than helping someone move into a home they will love with the right loan, making the process stress-free and easy-to-understand, and then help them with any other financial needs they may have. It’s very satisfying.”

0423 734 270

Steve Matsoukas


Steve kick-started his career as a finance broker at an iconic Australian brokerage. Over a decade later, he branched out on his own to start Loan Gallery Finance. Steve believes our primary role is to assist our clients through the homeownership process, from deciding to purchase, loan structuring, property selection, settlement and beyond! Steve is driven to expand our lending, property and construction offerings and continually seeks innovations and alliances that could complement these targets.

0423 577 888

Tanveer Ali

Senior Mortgage Broker

Tanveer has had a long and successful career in taxation, accounting, and finance and has been in broking for over eight years. Believing that lending in a complex and ever-changing mortgage marketplace is best handled by experts, he is proud to work for Loan Gallery Finance, with its long history of market leadership and awards. He offers his clients the added surety of being a CPA. Tanveer says, “Whether just starting out with a mortgage or having had one for a while, people should choose carefully considering their long-term family goals, and then get their loans reviewed at least every 2 years. People shouldn’t “set and forget”. An obligation-free review with more than 30 financial institutions to compare against their current arrangements will often find a more suitable deal for their financial situation.”

0451 192 586

About-Vicki Falleti

Business Manager

Vicki is a File Manager with an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and extensive experience in customer service across various sectors, including four years in finance. Her excellent attention to detail, determination, and professional yet personable approach allow her to provide excellent support to the team and deliver the best possible outcome for clients in a timely and seamless manner. “The most rewarding part is knowing that you have helped a client feel less stressed about their home buying journey because you have taken care of the ins and outs for them.”

0481 112 168

About-Yi Xuan

Business Manager

Yi has always been interested in the finance industry. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Certificate IV in Finance and Broking. Since joining Loan Gallery Finance, Yi has learned much more about the industry. Yi is incredibly hardworking and organised. In her personal time, you will find Yi binging dramas or playing sports.

0452 466 658

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