Benefits of investing in property for your future

Property investment is generally seen as the safest and best way to invest your money. Whether it be to achieve capital growth in the value of your home, generate an income through rental returns or access one of the many tax benefits, property investment comes with a wealth of advantages.


If you sell a property for more than you originally paid for it, the profit you make is called capital growth. Typically, properties with higher capital growth are those in sought-after locations. Close proximity to the CBD or services, coastal locations or areas experiencing a population surge are generally preferred.

That said, capital growth in any area can never be guaranteed. It is important to determine clear goals and objectives prior to making any purchase.


Owning an investment property allows you to generate additional income in the form of rent. This rent may cover some or all the associated property expenses (e.g., mortgage repayments, rates, utilities, insurances).

Depending on whether your income is more or less than the associated expenses, you can implement different strategies to take advantage of that situation. You should consult your Loan Gallery Finance Broker and Loan Gallery Financial Planner to discuss these matters.


Property investment has some major tax benefits. You should ensure you are taking full advantage of these benefits to maximise the return on your investment. Negative gearing, and the many tax deductions you can claim on your investment property will be important in maximising your return on investment.

See The Tax Benefits of Property Investment for more information.


Equity is the market value of your property minus any outstanding balance that you owe. As the value of your property grows so too does the equity within. You may be able to use this equity in order to make another property purchase.

Click here for more information about how to buy investment property in Melbourne.

Note: You should consult your Loan Gallery Finance Broker and Loan Gallery Financial Planner to discuss these matters.

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