First Home Buyer

How much will I need for the deposit?

How often will I make these repayments?

What will my regular repayments be?

Am I eligible for the First Home Owner's Grant?

Is the thought of buying your first home keeping you awake at night?

This is just a snapshot of the big questions and decisions first home buyers typically ponder… we understand and that’s exactly why we do all of the legwork for you. We’ll be in your corner, guiding you through the entire process from application right through to approval.

Not sold on now being the right time to buy your first home? Our team at Loan Gallery Finance can help you to set up a savings plan so that owning your first home in a couple of years, is well within your reach. We can also assess your individual situation to see what government grants may apply to help you secure that all-important deposit.

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How much money can I borrow?

This depends on your unique finance and borrowing situation. Speak with one of our brokers for personalised calculations.

How do I choose a loan that’s right for me?

Our guides covering loan types and features are a good starting point to gauge the main loan options available. With so many home loans on offer, it’s best to reach out to us for personalised guidance.

How much do I need for a deposit?

Generally speaking, between 5% to 10% of the property’s total value, which is paid upon signing the Contract of Sale. Contact us to discuss your options.

What fees/costs should I budget for?

There are a number of fees and costs involved when buying a property. Here’s a snapshot of standard costs to budget for: stamp duty, legal/conveyancing fees, building and pest inspection, lender fees, moving costs and mortgage insurance costs.

How often do I make home loan repayments?

Most lenders offer flexible repayment options. Ideally, weekly or fortnightly repayments are the better solutions as you’ll make more payments within a year.

What is the First Home Owner Grant and can I get one?

Australian citizens or permanent residents looking to buy or build their first home are eligible for this Grant, providing the property will be their principal place of residence within 12 months of settlement. Contact us to learn if you’re eligible for the Grant.

How much will regular repayments be?

Our Repayment Calculator provides you with an estimate. As there are many different loan products on the market, it’s best to speak with us about the best available deals.

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