Upsizing or buying your forever home.

Looking to purchase your next property?

Tailor your home loan so it works best for you

If you’ve got your heart set on your next property, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re thinking of upsizing, downsizing, buying or building your dream home, we can help.

Our mortgage brokers are the experts in finding the right home loan in Melbourne and around the country for you. We take the hard work off your plate, leaving you to focus on the fun side of buying your next home. 

Why work with Loan Gallery for your next property purchase?

At Loan Gallery, our mortgage brokers are in your corner helping you to buy your next property. Here’s how we help.

You're the top priority

We get to know you, and your goals. We remain flexible and responsive throughout the process.

Trusted experience

Our finance brokers are highly experienced professionals with extensive mortgage and lender knowledge.

Over 70 lenders

You can rely on our established relationships with our lenders to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Ethical practices

We take our compliance and ethics seriously to follow strict practices that go beyond the average expectation.

Flexibility and support

We won’t push you to make a decision. Instead, we’re in your corner to guide and risk assess your options.

Industry leading

For the past 8 years we have been titled Top performing brokerage in VIC/TAS by AFG. You are in good hands.

What is involved with buying your next property

Our finance brokers take all the headaches and paperwork off your plate.

Our team of finance brokers have many years of experience. Giving you all the benefits of experts who have perfected the home loan process so it is as stress free and as straightforward as possible. 

Depending on your current circumstances and existing mortgage, we will tailor your home loan solution to best suit you and your goals.

1. Speak to your Loan Gallery finance broker

We get to know you, your needs and home loan preferences. We’ll ask about income, expenses, credit history, employment history and any current loans. This helps us paint a picture of what type of deal would benefit you best.

2. Loan comparison check

Once we have a view of your financial situation, your broker will negotiate with our wide range of lenders and present you with the best options to suit your goals.

3. We run and check the numbers

We’re all about being transparent and ethical in all that we do. We will clearly detail the fees associated with exiting any current loans and entering your new loan. We include both lender and government fees and risk asses as we go, giving you confidence in your choices.

4. Loan application updates

Once you’ve chosen a lender, we do all of the hard work for you; preparing the application, gathering all of the required documentation and submitting it to the lender you’ve chosen.

5. Loan approval and sign off

Once your loan is approved by your lender, the lender prepares your loan agreement. Your dedicated Loan Gallery finance broker then reviews the agreement in detail.

6. Settlement

The final and most exciting step. We liaise with your conveyancer and/or solicitor to organise a settlement date with the lender. Giving you the time to celebrate your next exciting step and new home.

Ready to upsize your home?

Need more space? Speak to a Loan Gallery home loan specialist to get started.

Calculate your home loan borrowing power​

Use our handy home loan borrowing power calculator to work out how much you can borrow.

Other calculators

Repayment calculator

Calculate your estimated home loan repayments and see how a rate change could impact your budget.

Stamp duty calculator

Find out how much you may need to pay in stamp duty and see what assistance could be available to you.

Budget planner

Work out how long you can expect to be saving to have the right amount for a home loan deposit.

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